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The Big Brand Enchilada

Ready to Transform Your Brand and Propel Your Business to New Heights? Big Brand Energy is here to ignite your brand's potential, offering comprehensive Deep Dive Brand Consulting, AKA the BIG Brand Enchilada (because we cover the whooole thing).

Whether you're launching a new brand, in need of a refreshing overhaul, or battling burnout, solid branding rooted in your 'why' is the key to success. 

What to expect:

  • Intensive In-Person Discovery: Embark on a journey with yours truly over 1-2 days as we delve into the core of your brand. We explore the nitty-gritty, tapping into the very essence of your vision and your driving needs.

  • Insightful Brand Surveys: We're not just scratching the surface. Our detailed survey helps uncover your underlying needs, ensuring our consulting is laser-focused and tailored precisely to you.

Yes, it requires heavy lifting, but trust me, the results are more than worth it. Our in-person meeting is all about depth, authenticity, and setting the stage for your brand's epic transformation from squishy caterpillar to beautiful butterfly!

After ourexploration, I will take aaaaalll that work and put together your Brand Bible, a dynamic guide encompassing:

  • Your Why

  • Why Statement

  • Tagline

  • Core Message

  • Outlets for Success

  • Content Type for Social Media

  • Target Audience

  • Unique Value Proposition 

  • Brand Goals

  • Brand Verbiage

  • Content Ideas

  • Brand Deck & Soft Logo Design

  • And more to fit your unique brand!

call ash today!

What are you waiting for?!

Brand Identity Call

live look at me taking your call and so excited to work with you!

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